Romantic spots in Miami

Romantic spots in Miami



It is possible for you to find a large number of romantic spots around Miami. If you are looking forward to spend the day with your date, it would be one of the best destinations available for you to visit. However, it is better to have a clear understanding about the most romantic spots in Miami before you visit. Here is a list of some of the best places out of them.


  1. Miami Marine Stadium

Miami Marine Stadium can be considered as graffiti covered landmark that you can see in Miami. It is open to public and is considered as one of the most romantic destinations available for you to visit. If you roam around the stadium, you will get the chance to find plenty of spots where you can crawl. It offers amazing views to you as well.


  1. The Rusty Pelican

The Rusty Pelican has significantly changed throughout the past. However, the view offered to the guests has never changed. Patio that you can find in The Rusty Pelican is strung with twinkle lights to enhance the looks during night time. You will also be able to get hold of a spectacular view of the downtown from here.


  1. The Epic Hotel rooftop

Epic Hotel can be considered as a wide scale condo that you can see in Miami. It is also in a position to offer amazing views to the guests. If you want to get the most romantic views, you must go to the rooftop of the Epic Hotel. In here, you will be able to enjoy a romantic evening, with champagne cocktail in hand and enjoying the glittering Brickell lights. The Epic Hotel rooftop can also offer an excellent view for you to take couple selfies.


  1. Matheson Hammock Park

It has been identified that a lot of people who live in Miami have not yet experienced the paradisiacal perfection offered from the Matheson Hammock Park. From the swaying palms to the scenic atoll pool, it offers plenty of romance to the guests to enjoy the stay. Matheson Hammock Park can also be considered as a destination which is bound to rekindle romance. Therefore, even uninspired couples can think about visiting Matheson Hammock Park to enjoy the stay.


  1. Vizcaya

Vizcaya is considered as one of the hottest wedding destinations that you can see in Miami. It is located right on the water. Formal gardens have enhanced the beauty of this destination. You will also be able to get glimpse about the past of Miami by visiting Vizcaya.


  1. Under the MacArthur Causeway

This is a hidden treasure, which is preserved from most of the people who live in Miami. That’s mainly because Under the MacArthur Causeway is tricked beneath tons of concrete and roaring traffic. This is a gavel spot that you can find in the Watson Island. It is considered as one of the best assets that you can find in Miami, offering panoramic views. You can enjoy a romantic stay at Under the MacArthur Causeway as well.