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Brace Yourselves for a Party!

Let’s learn about what a Cycle Party is? Is it some kind of transformer? No, they are not robots in disguise. Can it control the weather? If they could, do you think we’d allow for anything but sunny days? Well, what is it then, if not a robot that can control the weather? It’s the best way to mix friends, exercise, and alcohol. Better known as the triple B’s. Bikes, Buddies and Booze! You can thank the geniuses over at Het Fietscafe BV for this wonderful invention. And you can thank the founders Chris, Simon, Aileen and Michael for seeing the potential. One fateful night they saw a party of festive people on a very large bike cruising the streets of Freiburg. They decided South Florida would be the perfect place for the Party Bike. Thus Cycle Party was born!

In January 2012, Cycle Party came into Fort Lauderdale and shook their worlds. Who would think something so environmentally friendly would be so much fun? Probably Ghandi. In this last year, we have officially started operating in Miami. Are you shaking uncontrollably from the excitement? If it lasts more than 60 minutes, you will need to consult us for a tour. We offer truly unique and fun experiences for both locals AND tourists. Book a tour now and learn what the fuss is all about.

Experience the pleasures of South Florida in an entirely new way! Our Wynwood Products: Cycle Party

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  1. Mike BelloMike Bello
    Mike Bello

    This is a workout but trust me you’ll have a blast. Three different spots in the heart of Wynwood. We had a great time. Thanks guys!

    September 20, 2017 at 8:16 pm Reply

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