Inexpensive Saturday Morning Dates for Couples

Are you a morning person? Or maybe just too eager to wait until the sun goes down to go on a romantic date with your significant other. If you’re looking for something different to do other than sleeping in or Saturday morning errands, these morning date ideas are for you! Why wait until the sun goes down to spend some quality time with that special person? Nix dinner and a movie for a change and give these fun, cheap date ideas a try!


Duh. I like to go to the most hipster-y cafe I can find. I’m not sure why, but coffee served with a smidge of judgement just tastes better.


If handling worms isn’t your cup of tea, your partner probably won’t mind at least faking being ok with it. But be sure to decide who’s taking the hook out of the fish before you cast.


If you’d like to take a break from your P90X routine, this might be an alternative way to get your blood pumping. I don’t know about you, but being active in the A.M. give me a sense of satisfaction that I don’t normally come by before 10 am.


It’s a thing. Check it out. This is great if you don’t mind a 95% safe adrenaline rush and some wind in your hair.


Go ahead. Get your hands a little dirty and grow something! If you don’t have space for a garden, a planter like this or hanging pots like this are a super cute way to bring life (literally) to a small home.


If you’re prone to lean towards a no-fuss, don’t-have-time-to-get-to-the-gym morning, running might be for you.


Again, get active. There are so many alternative to biking too; go on a road, paved bike trail, dirt bike trail, through a city, by some farms. Chances are you’ll go a lot further than you can run, but you’ll still get that morning workout in.

Early morning beach trip

There’s not much that gets me more excited than getting up to go to the beach. The anticipation of spending a day in the sun and salt water is enough to get any non-vampire excited. This could be a spontaneous to minimally planned event for you and your boo or the whole family.

Dessert for breakfast

Admit it, you’ve always wanted to try this. If you can find a place to get some icecream and waffles, go for it!


Not usually free unless you’re lucky enough to own your own kayak (which is my dream, btw), but sure will make for a memorable morning. There’s something about being around water in the morning that brings a sense of serenity. Plus kayaking is just the best.

Breakfast in bed

Make sure you decide ahead of time who’s doing the breakfast-ing and who’s doing the bed-ing. Unless you guys decide to share the duties and then get in bed and pretend it was a surprise. Which brings me to my next point.

Cook a fancy schmancy breakfast together

Nix the frozen waffles and make some gourmet french toast! Here’s a scrumptious recipe I found if you need some inspiration.

Brunch at a local B&B

They often have separate restaurants you can visit even if you’re not an overnighter.

Watch a sunrise together

Pretty self-explanatory, but don’t forget to bring a thermos full of hot stuff and some blankets. Also, this requires getting up before the sun comes up. In case you forgot about that.

Cuddle up with a blanket and watch some old time cartoons

Let’s face it, some of the cartoons kids watch today are just weird? Where did all the classics go? Relive your childhoods together with some coffee or orange juice and some Tom and Jerry.

Go golfing

Or mini golfing if the thought of going through an entire 18 holes on a regular green bores you to death. If not, this is a great way to enjoy a morning of conversation and critiquing each other’s’ swings.

Get an early start on a day-cation or weekend getaway for just you two or the whole family

The roads will be a lot clearer and you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction for getting your taste of coffee before the rest of the surrounding world.

Read a chapter of a book out loud in bed. Or listen on Audible.

This is something that my husband and I have done in the past and want to start doing again. Whether it’s a self-help book or a thriller that will keep you turning pages, this is an awesome Netflix alternative that you can pick up anytime you want.

Scavenge local yard sales or thrift stores

Is your home lacking a touch of charm? Search with your husband/fiance/boyfriend for the piece that’s missing in your living room. Unless he has horrible taste. If so, maybe don’t take him to look through other people’s junk.

Have a dog?

Take him on a walk or to a local dog park for a great morning for the 3 of you. He won’t feel like a 3rd wheel. Promise.