Home Date Ideas

Many couples prefer to stay in after a long work week.  And with a little planning, staying in can be one of the best date nights ever.  You can laugh, explore and bond right in the comfort of your own home.  Below are a few home date ideas that you can do with just a little planning or just pure spontaneity.

Are you and your sweetheart a little competitive? If so, break out the Monopoly or Scrabble to challenge each other for good clean fun.  If you want to get a little naughty, grab Jenga and play Strip Jenga.  Whoever knocks down the blocks must remove an article of clothing.

Think creatively. . . artistically.  Get some inexpensive paint supplies from your local craft store and paint something for each other.  If you’re not that great at painting you can copy from a sketch or stick with something abstract.  If you’re feeling silly, paint each other’s nude body… think Titanic!

Want some intimate alone time to bond? Plan a delicious meal and learn how to make a new recipe together.  Lick each other’s fingers or feed each other with your hands for a more sensual experience.  Dessert can be a creative treat that is brought into the bedroom – or right on the kitchen table.

What’s better than ending a long week than a relaxing evening at home with very little clothing on and your tensed muscles being rubbed?  Using your bare hands on your significant others naked body can set the stage for one of the most relaxing and memorable evenings ever.  Grab some fragrant massage oil (or use coconut oil in a pinch) and grab a bottle of wine.  Have Thai or sushi delivered so meal prep and cleanup won’t spoil the evening.

If you want to spice things up a little in the bedroom… try some role-playing.  Playing doctor and patient,  student and teacher or anything that is taboo in real world can enlighten your senses.  When both parties are consenting to the role and agree not to judge each other, this type of play can allow you to explore another mental state of seduction.