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January 20 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

tribe-loading Metamorfosis

T h e   S t o r y :

Both Oaxaca and Miami have a shared experience. Over countless generations our landscapes have been transformed. In South Florida, we rose from the sea and will return to it. We are a swamp that is now being transformed into an ocean front metropolis; one threatened by the sea once again. In Oaxaca, it was once a rich cypress swamp and flood plain, with giant cypress forests and rich floating farming islands among the floodplains, something we share. It is now a desert with a rich history that predates our own. Among its complex ruins, stories are told of its glorious rise and fall and in so, proclaims its metamorphosis. We too, had rich cypress swamps and the greatest flood plain of our time, the Everglades, river of grass. Their cypress forest was cut, as was our own. Their floodplain has dried up, and ours now finds itself under assault from man-made and natural disasters. As we live our future past, we see our shared experience through metamorphosis that may prove ruin. This shared experience is realized by what and who inhabits it. In the swamp much like a desert, color exists in monotony. In the swamp it is green, in the desert it is sand. It creates an endless and treacherous landscape that consumes almost everything. Alas, in their treachery exist a fragile beauty birthed in a flower, the swamp lily and a desert rose. These explosions of colors, are beacons of life and harbingers of death. Poisonous Snakes inhabits the desert and the swamp. They can easily kill whatever hope a flower might bring. In so, #OaxacaToMiami hopes to reflect on our historicity, so we may learn from our shared experience. By witnessing our own history and reflecting on our ancestors, we hope to find a resilient future through our one shared truth, which is we are always bound to metamorphosis.


January 20
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


2214 North Miami Suite 101 , Miami, Fl 33127
Miami, Fl 33127 US
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